Today I will be reviewing PH Artichoke lamp reproduction sold by byKALLEVIG, one of the best replicas of this models I found so far.

Testing and reviewing PH Artichoke reproduction by byKALLEVIG

Those of you who might be reading my blog with a bit more regularity know that I am not too much of a design extremist, accepting only originals with a brand stamp big and readable for all to see. On the contrary, I am a big fan of reproductions of classics – when they are done right.

The latter is absolutely crucial here, as it will make or break my opinion of the retailer as such. When dealing with classics of design which – and I am not exaggerating here – shaped the aesthetics of the modern world, you need to approach them seriously, with dedication and attention to detail. It is not something impossible or unachievable – it is the fundamental requirement for a reproduction to be what it is supposed to be.

With the time I spent in Denmark, I am especially sensitive when it comes to Danish mid-century designs – which are arguably the most commonly reproduced category of designer furniture on the modern market. And I’ve seen them all – from originals, to good reproductions and those which are beyond questionable, so I do think that I can make a distinction between product worth of your money and time and that which certainly isn’t.

The new product I recently got a glimpse of is a “premium-quality” reproduction of the classic PH Artichoke in white, sold by byKALLEVIG. Oddly enough, I came across this one in my friend’s home and I was instantly intrigued as it appeared to be indistinguishable from the original when I first laid my sight on it. When he told me the name byKALLEVIG, it didn’t ring a bell, so later on I did my own research.

It seems to me that byKALLEVIG is a relatively young company – or at least relatively young in digital markets judging by the modest number of overwhelmingly positive reviews on platforms such as TrustPilot. Their website is easy to use and navigate and aside from very aggressive discounts everywhere, I saw absolutely no issue with the site. So, I decided to make my purchase and get the same Artichoke as my friend, so I can check out the consistency (and I could later easily use it in some of my projects).

When the lamp finally arrived (couple of days after the estimated delivery date, which was a bit annoying, to be honest), I was very positively surprised by the noticeable quality of the product. I can really say that byKALLEVIG PH Artichoke is not your everyday low-quality knock off – the design is truly stunning and matches the original in every way.

If you had experience with this exact product, you know that there are two tricks manufacturers often use – reducing the number of leaves and keeping them immobile. But, not byKALLEVIG – these guys stayed true to the original. You don’t even have to count the leaves to notice the symmetry and style of the original (but I did anyways) and they are positioned in the same manner as the original, with enough room for movement that you can run your hand across the lamp making the leaves wave slightly.

I am not completely sure about the exact properties of the aluminium used in the production as the information is not indicated anywhere, but I can certainly confirm that the thickness of each leaf as well as robustness of the material point out at responsible use of material, without attempting to cut short on it.

All things considered, byKALLEVIG Artichoke ticked all the right boxes for me to call it a reproduction very well made. With style and quality matching the original, this is truly an amazing catch and I am sure one of my clients will be very lucky to have it in his home.

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