First time shopping on ByBespoek: was it worth it?

First time shopping on ByBespoek: was it worth it?

If you’re anything like me, then online shopping for you also comes with a healthy dose of stress and paranoia. Will my order arrive at all, will it be damaged, what if I get the wrong thing… There are many things that can go wrong. All of us control freaks are absolutely addicted to websites such as TrustPilot where we can get some peace of mind by making sure that the company we ordered does deliver and is delivering what it should. But, if you are a niche shopper, then general websites like TP might not be enough for you. With that in mind, I started writing about different furniture replica companies that operate on the US market some time ago, and this week, I am continuing with ByBespoek, a fairly new addition here that, judging from their website came straight from Europe.

So, let’s see if ByBespoek is worth your money and time!

When it comes to your time, the answer is one firm yes. ByBespoek doesn’t offer as many options as some competitors do, but what it does offer is a collection of true classics of midcentury design. From the iconic Wishbone chair, to even a bit obscure midcentury lighting fixtures, ByBespoek clearly shows that they know what they are doing. Each and every design that you can find on their website is a true gem of midcentury design that comes with a rich history. So, if you know your designer furniture history, you will absolutely enjoy ByBespoek as it will remind you of all the classics and their rich legacy that lingers on to this day.

For a company that specializes in some of the most iconic designer furniture, ByBespoek is surprisingly affordable. And what’s more, it doesn’t keep the prices low by compromising on quality. To be perfectly honest, I am not entirely sure how they maintain such affordable prices since all of their designs I had the pleasure of seeing in person are absolutely stunning. The quality is outstanding and the precision of their reproductions is amazing.

On the downside, this company could be more consistent when it comes to delivery times. So far, they do offer three-working days delivery for the continental United States provided you make your order before the shipping starts for the given day, but the customer service pointed out that it is more likely that I will get my delivery within five days (got it in six, though). So, this is far from a major problem, and I assume that it can be improved later on as they get used to the business climate in the US. Another downside is the lack of a showroom – one is currently in the plan according to their website and I’m looking forward to it finally opening. As the business develops, I also hope to see more ByBespoek reviews online as this would be very beneficial to them.

Overall, I am rather pleased with ByBespoek. To look back at the main question – is ByBespoek worth your time and money – my answer is yes. There are still some things that can be slightly improved, but I am willing to not complain when I keep in mind that they made the migration from Europe to the US which is probably not as simple as it sounds. For now, I’m definitely in love with their offer and I am looking forward to ordering from them again.|

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