Office Chair maintenance: see what byKALLEVIG has to offer

Office Chair maintenance: see what byKALLEVIG has to offer

Today, I wanted to write about the brand that I like so much, ByKALLEVIG and their office chairs. Honestly, this was a challenge since I wanted to have a very non-biased opinion about the balance of their office chair’s price and quality.

Back To Work From Home

Due to a series of events that happened in the world last year, I realized that I won’t be going back to the office any time soon and that I will be working from home permanently. That immediately gave me an idea to make my own home office. And it wasn’t for long before I put myself into a new adventure, so I started searching for a desk and an office chair. I instantly remembered ByKallevig because I had so many great experiences with them in the past.

For those of you who don’t know, ByKallevig is an e-commerce furniture store that sells mid-century modern designs. Their focus is on selling dining and office chairs, but you can find other things like beds and desks, too. I loved their office chairs when I saw them and wanted to buy one for quite some time. However, I was a bit hesitant as there was a chance I would go back to work from the office. Now that that’s not the case, I have decided to go through with this idea and order the office chair for my new home office. 

Time To Buy Some ByKallevig Office Chairs 

Their office chairs come in various sizes and shapes. You can choose a high or medium backrest and also, you can decide which design of the chair you want. My personal favorite is a high version of the flat-pillow office chair. Oh, and they all come in three different colors: black, brown, and white, so there’s something for everyone’s taste. Brown is my favorite so that’s the one that I ordered. I was curious about the lead time of the chair, and the info that was on the website was that I would receive my chair in one week. However, just to be sure, I contacted their customer support. They told me that it could even take less time for delivery and that I would receive a tracking code as soon as they shipped the parcel.

Immediately before adding my credit card details, I was surprised to see that I could add additional items to the cart. Those items would help me maintain my office chair and keep it smooth and clean. The items in question were a premium office chair oil and a high-end cleanser. They are stored in blue and pink tubes and their design is very nice. The first item removes any squeaky noises from the wheels should they ever appear. And the second one is there to always keep your office chair neat and clean from any marks or dust. And when it comes to the price, both of these items cost £19 each. Personally, that seems like a fair price to me if they prove to do a good job. I have decided to add both to the cart and test them out.

Here is ByKallevig’s checkout page:

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Comparing Price and Quality

I have had my office chair for some time now, so I had enough time to test the quality and give a realistic, unbiased comparison between the quality and the price. When I bought the chair, the price was £179, which is pretty decent for this piece. I also bought two aftercare products, and the total was £207. 

I have been using my aftercare products for some time, and I came to the conclusion that this could be beneficial, especially if you are shopping on a budget. The quality and comfort of the chair are very good but my attention was caught by something else. You see, on other similar websites, this same chair is much more expensive. Whereas on ByKallevig, I even got the aftercare products for the same price, and that makes the difference.