Should you invest your time and money in ByKallevig?

Should you invest your time and money in ByKallevig?

Europe is the home of modern mid-century designs but its affordable replica market is rather underdeveloped. ByKallevig is one of the best sources for mid-century replicas that we found in Europe alongside Wayfair from the UK. The reason we opted for ByKallevig is that there seem to be a lot of mixed feelings about this brand so it is our hope to shed some light on the situation and help you make a choice you will not regret.

Today’s guest post is by one of our European friends (Philip) who ordered ByKallevig to his doorstep as shipping to the US in the current COVID climate would end up being too expensive. He ordered an Eames style office chair for his ByKallevig review subject.

Let me start by laying out the criteria I have when reviewing furniture brands:

1 – Price
2 – Customer Service 
3 – Customer Experience
4 – Attention to detail when it comes to product design
5 – Product quality and comfort

Investigating the customer and buying experience


When it comes to price ByKallevig is not amongst the super affordable budget brands but they do offer rather hefty discounts on their furniture quite often so if you’re patient you can get some great deals.

Customer Service:

This aspect of ByKallevig is most praised online along with their design quality. I spoke with their agents through phone and chat, both were very positive experiences with chat replies being almost instant. When it comes to order tracking and claims, they have special website pages dedicated to them so you should be able to take care of everything even without the agent’s help. The customer support agents working for ByKallevig go through interior design training which is absolutely amazing! They were very well versed in the products I was interested in and provided legitimate feedback.

Customer Experience:

This is the subject of many negative reviews mentioning the company and having not experienced this myself when speaking to their team I was curious about why this happened previously and does it still happen.

Here is a screenshot from one of my chats with their team:

ByKallevig’s product quality and design

Attention to detail when it comes to product design:

This is what I personally love most about ByKallevig, these guys pay great attention to detail.
The office chair looks good, period. It gives off a very “executive” feel with the smooth black leatherette upholstery and polished aluminum base. Because of this colour combination, I should be able to easily fit it into whatever office setup I end up using in the future. 

Here’s a picture of my current setup with the chair:

eames style office chair

Product quality and comfort:

My criteria for an office chair is comfort when sitting for extended periods of time, back support, and mobility. The first thing you notice when you sit is how smoothly the chair spins, reclines, and slides. I’ve had much more expensive office chairs than this that are far less mobile.
After using it for about a month I can honestly say that I will continue using this Eames style office chair.
I don’t regret this purchase even though I wish it had one more foam layer on the bottom which would make it perfect for very extended sits and increase its overall comfort.

My final verdict:
Comfort: 7.5/10
Back support: 9/10
Mobility 8.5/10

All in all this chair is smooth, looks good and is comfortable. ByKallevig, my tortured spine thanks you for the great back support you’ve built into your chair. 

2 thoughts on “Should you invest your time and money in ByKallevig?”

  • Thanks for the detailed review! We were also looking at getting the office chairs and will most likely buy them from ByKallevig now ~
    Can you please do a review on Wayfair and some of their MCM products?

    • Hey Annie, appreciate the feedback and I’m glad we could help. We might do a review of Wayfair in the near future, most likely before Christmas so stay tuned xx

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