All about my shopping experience with Eternity Modern

All about my shopping experience with Eternity Modern

Online shopping is not for everyone. You need to trust the company to deliver the item quality you expected and that the delivery process is smooth. Sadly, many companies are not investing enough time and effort to make online shopping enjoyable. Therefore, there are many risks involved with remote shopping: long delivery times, damaged goods, extra cost and time spent on replacement, additional or hidden costs… I am writing about a specific niche, therefore it’s even riskier than buying from established and famous online stores.

Today I have decided to buy from Eternity Modern – a Canadian company that sells mid-century modern designs. I was eager to check out what they are offering and how good is their shopping experience.

So, let’s see if Eternity Modern is worth your money and time 🙂

I believe that they are definitely worth checking out. They sell a great variety of items. Among many things, there are sofas, dining chairs, and tables, desks, beds, and lamps. All the pieces of furniture seem to be premium reproductions of the originals. I did notice, however, that the prices are a bit higher than they should be – they are selling reproductions after all. For example, the item that is on my wish list right now is an Arco lamp. I found it on the competitor shop ByBespoek for $220 less than what’s offered on Eternity Modern.

For everyone who loves Nordic designs and its rich history, Eternity Modern website is a treasure.

Before ordering I had a little chat with their customer support team and I must say they were really pleasant to talk to. They replied rapidly and had so much patience and understanding for all of my questions and concerns.

Since the company is stationed in the lovely city of Vancouver, I expect a better delivery service than the one from its competitors. On the Eternity Modern website, they are claiming that your design will be shipped out in 5-7 business days. Then you should wait for a couple of days more for your delivery. In reality, the process is taking a bit longer. Considering the fact that they’ve been in the industry for quite some time, I believe they should work a bit more on fixing the delivery time.

In conclusion, I am pleased with the service I received from Eternity Modern and the final product. Eternity Modern is making a great effort to make online shopping smooth, with awesome customer support at your disposal. There is some space for improvement but they do take their business seriously, so I hope everything will be fixed soon. They are a decent company, if not even more than that. They should rethink a bit about their prices and see what their competitors have to offer. Other than that and delivery delays, they are definitely worth a shot. However, you can always check reviews from other customers and let them help you make your decision.