Is ICONS22 worth your money and time?

Online shopping is not for everyone. You need to trust the company to deliver the item quality you expected and that the delivery process is smooth. Sadly, many companies are not investing enough time and effort to make online shopping enjoyable. Therefore, there are many risks involved with remote shopping: long delivery times, damaged goods, extra cost and time spent on replacement, additional or hidden costs… I am writing about a specific niche, therefore it’s even riskier than buying from established and famous online stores.

Recently a new company appeared in the North American market called ICONS22. I was eager to check out what they are offering and how good is their shopping experience.

So, let’s see if Icons22 is worth your money and time 🙂

I believe that they are definitely worth checking out. Apparently, their focus is on premium classic mid-century Scandinavian furniture. So, you will not see a huge selection of items. Actually, they are offering only chairs and lamps. Still, as mentioned, these furniture pieces should be premium quality designs. ICONS22 has a great collection of iconic chairs made by the legends of the Danish design wave from the middle of the last century. There are also some modern pieces like the Ghost chairs and some well-known lamps.

For everyone who loves Nordic designs and its rich history, ICONS22 website is a treasure.

Despite the fact that they are offering premium furniture, prices are very reasonable and I believe affordable for most people. This is a significant difference, compared to their competition. Honestly, it’s pretty astonishing that they can afford to do this, with such a high level of production and craftsmanship. All the furniture pieces that I bought from them are absolutely stunning.

Since the company is stationed in a lovely city of Vancouver, I expect a better delivery service than the one from its competitors. On the ICONS22 website, they are claiming that your design will get to suppliers in 4 days. Then you should wait for around 10 days for your delivery. In reality, the process is taking a bit longer. They are relatively new to the North American market, so I am sure that they will improve in the future.

In conclusion, I am very pleased that we have this exciting new company in North America. ICONS22 is making a great effort to make online shopping smooth, with awesome customer support at your disposal. There are some areas of improvement but for the start, they have solid foundations. Honestly, it already looks like I will buy most of my furniture from them.

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