Is Rove Concepts worth your money and time?

Is Rove Concepts worth your money and time?

Shopping for anything online always feels a bit risky, and it is not without good reason – there is always a level of uncertainty when you need to invest money into something that will reach you eventually at some point in the near future. Buying furniture is no different. What’s more, furniture is often fragile, so you have the additional stress of hoping it won’t get delivered damaged, because if it does, then you’re at the mercy of the company’s return and refund policy.

With all these issues, it is quite useful to read through the experiences of other people before making your decision. While there is a whole plethora of websites (like Trustpilot) that allow you to do just that, when you are purchasing something that is as niche as designer furniture replica, it often helps to hear what do the people experienced in the industry have to say about the company in question.

So, is Rove Concepts worth your money and time?

To start off with the time part – Rove Concept’s website is fairly simple and you can browse it easily, so if you know what you’re looking for, it will take you a couple of clicks at most until you get to the dedicated product page where you can make your purchase. However, if you are looking to just browse through different options, you can lose hours! I am serious, Rove Concepts offer is very diverse and includes at least a hundred designs (not that I counted), excluding all the variations of the same models.

When it comes to the money part, the situation is a bit complicated. Rove Concepts is very affordable, especially in the replica part of their offer (as the site does feature a bunch of no-name generic designs wrongly labeled as midcentury or designer furniture), but that being said, the prices are still somewhat above the industry standard.

This would, of course, be easily forgivable if you get the appropriate quality for your money, but this is not necessarily the case. This doesn’t mean that Rove Concepts doesn’t deliver high-quality furniture. They do! Just… Well, sometimes. In fact, if you take a look at their TrustPilot page, you can easily see that there is a huge discrepancy between perfectly pleased customers and those who received designs that wouldn’t be sold on a local flea market. The consistency in quality is a big weakness of Rove Concepts, that is – lack of it, and if they could always offer the same high quality they certainly can provide sometimes, maybe the slightly inflated prices would be far less of an issue.

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